homes and gardens pond ideas

Thank you Sarah Wilson for the mention in your recent homes and gardens article on ponds… which showcased a Solus water bowl that I used in a London courtyard garden

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Add a pond to your garden and as well as enhancing your outdoor space it will introduce a favoured spot for calm moments and quiet contemplation. If you love the idea of creating a sensory garden a pond is a must as it’s the best place to immerse yourself in nature.

The style of pond you choose will generally be led by the design of the rest of your garden. If you lean towards sleek and contemporary, a modern reflection pool, often accompanied by a water blade or rill, will work well. If informal gardens are more your thing a natural pond will sit in the space well. For courtyard gardens something smaller like a freestanding stone or concrete basin is a good choice. 

Whatever style you opt for, pond margins always look good fringed with lush and leafy planting and this helps to create a rich habitat for wildlife too. The denser the planting is the more wildlife friendly the pond will be. Ponds with sloping sides allow access for small creatures, while plants attract bees, butterflies and dragonflies.

To introduce instant garden pond ideas try freestanding ‘plug in and go’ bowl designs which mean you can still benefit from a water feature in areas such as a paved courtyard or patio.


‘Water features enhance any garden,’ says garden designer Catherine Clancy. ‘Best of all they provide such a soothing sound. Something as simple as a water bowl can make a real impact, especially when reflecting light and plants. Bowls like this require no installation. Simply fill it with water, and plug the small pump that sits in the bottom of the water bowl into the nearest outside socket.’ What could be easier?

Water bowls also suit Mediterranean garden ideas in courtyard gardens and positioned close to spaces for relaxing in sensory gardens.