Tiny Blackheath Span House garden

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This tiny Zen garden in blackheath was inspired by my clients extensive travels in Asia.  Large contemporary blue powder coated planters have been planted with a mixture of evergreen shrubs and perennials for colour and low maintenance, with a nod to Japanese gardens.  It is my clients first garden, so the planting is designed to be easy to maintain.  The garden is split into different areas or zones,  to create a sense of a ‘journey’ through her tiny outdoor space, and give a seating area for 4, a binstore, ample planting space, a storage box, a ladder to provide access to the existing (restored) green roof and an outdoor kitchen area at the back of the garden.  
Plants include evergreen ferns, carex ornamental grasses, euphorbia, herbs, cloud pruned Ilex crenata, clipped bay balls – laurus nobilis angustifolia , dwarf pinus mugo, sedum, tiarella, and purple verbena

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